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Crude Oil

Avalon Trade & Investment Group is one of the largest crude oil traders in the world, sourcing from more than 35 countries. We offtake crude oil from producers of all sizes and manage its trading, storing, financing and supply to counterparties and clients. Our physical availability continues to expand and diversify, and Avalon Trade & Investment Group consistently trades more than a million barrels a day, and has access to more than 10 million barrels of strategically located storage capacity.

We further have crude oil trading specialists in key strategic offices around the globe. They have first-hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long-term relationships with key market participants, producers, refiners, logistics companies and storage experts, and are actively involved in developing projects related to existing and new crude oil flows. In short we are able to offer a truly global trade network of crude oil.

Our activities include

  • Effectively manages market risk.
  • Maintains long-term relationships in key global markets.
  • Possesses expertise in identifying physical dislocations in the market.
  • Has extensive logistics capabilities.
  • Produces in-house market intelligence and analysis.
  • Has ownership of key physical assets that complement trading.
  • Possesses the ability to structure or pre-finance deals.
  • Avalon Trade & Investment Group's acquisition of three refineries has created greater opportunities for us to further diversify our crude oil portfolio. Our European refinery, for example, is able to use a very flexible range of feeds, and provides Avalon with the option to source and process crudes otherwise previously commercially impracticable. In order to control and ensure fair distribution Avalon Trade & Investment Group crude oil trades are offered on a tender basis to our clients.